Chain Link Fence Parts Finder

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Featured parts on this diagram include:

  • Brace Bands – Brace bands connect fence posts to rail ends.
  • Drop Fork Collars – These connect your drop fork latch to your post.
  • Drop Fork Latches – Firmly keep your gate closed with a drop fork latch.
  • Female Gate Hinges – Hinges allow your gate to open and close smoothly. Connect your male gate hinge to your gate with a female gate hinge.
  • Fence Ties – Tie your chain link fabric to your posts with fence ties.
  • Line Rail Clamps – Line rail clamps allow you to connect your rails, making them line up correctly.
  • Loop Caps – Loop caps sit on top of line posts and support your top rail.
  • Male Gate Hinges – Hinges allow your gate to open and close smoothly. Male gate hinges connect to your post.
  • Post Caps – Post caps sit on top of chain link fence posts and help prevent water from building up inside the post.
  • Rail Ends – Rail ends support your top and bottom rails. They connect to brace bands.
  • Tension Bands – Tension bands connect your fence posts to your tension bar and chain link fabric.

While this clickable diagram shows the most common fittings, it is in no way all-inclusive. Browse the whole site to find other chain link fittings, such as cantilever rollers, wire, wheels, adapters and more! Chain Link Fittings: Your source for low-priced fittings for your chain link fence!