How is Razor Wire Made?

It is a common misconception that razor and barbed wire are the same. One is much more dangerous than the other, and thus uses vary. The two types can also be combined for the most serious security settings. Both are dangerous to handle, so you may wonder how each is made. Well, barbed wire is simpler and a little bit safer to manufacture. Barbed wire is assembled by twisting short sections of wire, leaving short spikes around the strips of wire that will form the rail or rails of the fence. Manufacturing razor wire is much more complicated.

How Razor Wire is Made

Razor wire starts as rolls of stainless steel. The material protects the completed wire from weakening or rusting. The roll is unfurled and straightened to the thickness of .0025 inch. Then, the steel is pressed and cut to create sharp barbs and edges. Unlike “barbs,” they are more like spears on either end. These are much longer and sharper than the barbs of barbed wire.

Once in thin strips with barbed and edges exposed, the strip is reinforced with carbon steel wire running down the middle. Then, the coils are randomly clipped together. The clips are randomly placed to be unpredictable and create a spring-loaded snap, causing the wire to fly in any direction should the wire or clip be cut. Finally, the razor wire installation requires that the roll be unraveled from the back of a moving trailer to limit the installer's exposure to the razor wire.

How Does Razor Wire Compare To Barbed Wire?

It is much more dangerous and was invented to improve barbed wire in the 20th century. Razor wire is used for higher security, often in warehouses, office buildings, prisons, etc.

Barbed wire was created in the 19th century for farms and ranches. It has been improved by coiling two central lines and then wrapping two shorter wires around the coiled lines to create the barbs. Barbed wire is less costly and is used for less serious security purposes, like farms. It is also dangerous and acts as a deterrent for people and animals, but much less harmful.

Razor and barbed wires are dangerous to install and require little maintenance. Though razor wire is more expensive due to the manufacturing process and appears more threatening.

Chain Link Fittings has both razor and barbed wire, arms, tools, and a carrier tool for razor and barbed wire. Arms hold the wire to posts or walls and are offered in various directions, and tools are used to handle and install the razor or barbed wire.

For more information about the razor or barbed wire application and which may be best for you, please contact our sales representative. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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