How To Use Kwixset Weatherproof Hydraulic Cement

Kwixset Weatherproof Hydraulic Cement

When using a cement product to set your chain link fence, hydraulic cement is a safe option to help you patch concrete and brick, anchor bolts, screws, balustrades, gates, fencing, railings, and more. Hydraulic cement is a type of product that mixes with water and sets quickly. It can be used to reinforce concrete and masonry structures.

With weatherproof hydraulic cement, you can use it in swimming pools, underwater structures, or anchoring brick, limestone, or granite that will be exposed to wet conditions.

Kwixset, a hydraulic cement made in Cleveland, Ohio, sets within 15 to 20 minutes and, after an hour, is comparably stronger than concrete. It’s a great addition to any project that requires weatherproof cement that sits fast.

To Use Kwixset, Follow The Instructions Below:

For Fluid Consistency

  1. Use A Clean Container
  2. Mix Water To Form A Paste Similar To Pancake Batter
  3. For Exact Measurements: 4 Oz Of Water Per Lb Of Kwixset

For Plastic Consistency

  1. Always Use A Clean Container
  2. Mix Water Until A Putty-Like Consistency Forms; Knead With Hands If Firm Enough
  3. For Exact Measurements: 3.5 Oz Of Water Per Pound Of Kwixset
Remember To Not Use More Water Than The Required Amounts

If Attempting To Use Kwixset With Anchoring Embedded Items In Concrete:

  1. First, Concrete Must Cure For 28 Days Before Installation
  2. After, Drill A Hole
  3. Then, Blow Out Necessary Dust And Cuttings
  4. Fill The Hole With The Required Water And Clean Interior Surfaces
  5. Wipe Off Excess Water So The Hole Is Just Damp
  6. In Foor: Position The Embedded Item In The Hole And Pour Fluid Consistency Kwixset In It
  7. In Walls Or Ceiling: Fill Hole With Plastic Consistency Kwixset And Gently Tap Embedded Item In The Correct Position
  8. Leave The Kwixset For At Least One Hour To Set Before Putting Strain On Items.

When Using Kwixset For Patching Cracks And Holes In Concrete:

  1. Remove Any Loose Or Fractured Material In Void
  2. Chisel Edges Of Void And Avoid Feather Edges (Kwixset Patch Should Not Be Less Than ½ Inch Deep)
  3. Blow Excess Dirt Or Chips Away From The Void and Remove Any Grease
  4. Keep Void Damp
  5. Place A Little Kwixset In The Void And Scrub Into Interior Surfaces To Bond
  6. For Floors: Use Fluid Consistency Kwixset
  7. For Walls and Ceilings: Use Plastic Consistency Kwixset
  8. After Ten Minutes Pass, Use A Trowel To Smooth. After Thirty Minutes, Mist Patch With Water
  9. After Thirty Minutes, Light Traffic Can Commence And After An Hour, Regular Traffic Can Resume
  10. If It Is A Large Patching Job, Use Sand And Aggregate

If you need further information on Rockite or Kwixset, please get in touch with our helpful sales representatives to lead you in the right direction.
If you don't require hydraulic cement for weatherproof projects, Rockite could fit your patching and anchoring needs too. For more information on Rockite, visit the Rockite information page.

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