How To Use Rockite Expanding Hydraulic Cement

Rockite Expanding Hydraulic Cement

When purchasing a cement product for your chain link fence, hydraulic cement is a safe option to help you patch concrete and brick, anchor bolts, screws, balustrades, gates, fencing, railings, and more. Hydraulic cement is a type of product that mixes with water and sets quickly. It can be used to reinforce concrete and masonry structures.

Rockite, a hydraulic cement made in Cleveland, Ohio, sets within 15 minutes and, after an hour, is comparably stronger than concrete. It’s a great addition to fencing projects where you must set a fence fast.

To use Rockite, Follow the Instructions Below:

For Fluid (Pouring) Consistency

  1. Start By Using A Clean Container
  2. Mix With Water Until It Resembles Pancake Batter
  3. For Exact Measurements: 4 ½ Oz Of Water Per Lb Of Rockite And 1 ½ Pints Of Water Per 5 Lb Box

For Plastic Consistency

  1. Always Use A Clean Container
  2. Use Less Water To Form Dry Clumps
  3. Mix For Around 60 To 90 Seconds Until The Mixture Is Putty-Like
  4. For Exact Measurements: 3 ½ Oz Of Water Per Lb Of Rockite

Yield (Volume Calculation) For Rockite Expanding Hydraulic Cement

  • 1 Lb Rockite Cement Yields 18.75 Cubic Inches
  • 92 Lb Rockite Cement Yields One Cubic Foot

Additional Info On Rockite Expanding Hydraulic Cement

If Rockite is used outdoors, leave it dry for at least seven days and add exterior paint. Rockite cannot be used in swimming pools or underwater. Whether you use Rockite for anchoring brick, limestone, or granite, ensure these selected materials are not exposed to wet conditions when using Rockite. If you need hydraulic cement for these applications, Kwixset is a better option. To learn more about Kwixset, visit the complementary informational guide.

If you need further information on Rockite or Kwixset, please get in touch with our helpful sales representatives to lead you in the right direction.

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