What Are Hurricane Ties?

When living in a part of the country that is prone to turbulent weather like tornados, hurricanes, or even severe thunderstorms with high winds, it is important to know that your home and other outdoor structures are built to withstand the elements. Buildings that are not properly constructed with the right materials and parts are more likely to experience serious damage during these extreme weather conditions. This damage from high winds can span from as small as having missing shingles to as serious as having the truss of the roof torn off. Winds that reach over 65 mph have the potential to cause damage to your home or other buildings. That is why many building codes, especially in areas where high winds are prevalent, require hurricane ties.

What Are They?

Hurricane ties are often referred to as hurricane straps or hurricane clips. They are made from galvanized steel that offers a lot of protection in preventing uplift on the roof of a building during strong winds.

There are many different styles of hurricane ties that are used to connect joists, beams, and rafters during the building process.

How Can They Be Used?

As mentioned above, hurricane ties are used to connect and reinforce the strength of beams, rafters, and joists of a building or other structure. These ties are used a lot when building homes but can be used when installing a deck, porch, shed, or gazebo.

At Chain Link Fittings, we offer a left-handed hurricane tie that offers extra support to the beam when installed. However, for a wider range of uses, the left-hand bar can be easily removed to convert the tie into a universal installation orientation.

States That Require Hurricane Ties

  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina

If your state does not require hurricane ties to be used during construction, that does not mean you cannot use them when building. Having the extra peace of mind that your home, shed, deck, porch, or other outdoor structure is securely built to withstand all types of weather is a priceless benefit you do not want to miss.

Reinforce your structure and protect it against harmful wind damage by adding hurricane ties.

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