What Is The Best Way To Paint A Chain Link Fence?

Chain Link Fence Powder-Coated Black

While chain link fences last for many years, you may notice that rust and other corrosive weather-related damage have left your fence not looking like the first time it was installed. If you see this, it may be time to paint over your chain link fence to ensure a more even and protected fence. But, you may wonder, “What kind of paint is needed, and how do I paint a chain link fence?” Well, it’s pretty simple to paint a chain link fence, and you can do it yourself with the right tools.

Preventative Steps To Paint A Chain Link Fence:

When painting a chain link fence, use specific paint created for chain link fences, such as rust-preventative paint. Usually, it’s best to use an oil primer designed for metal before painting a chain link fence. This primer will encourage the chain link fence paint to stick longer to the fence. If you prefer using a spray-on primer, Zinc Plus, a galvanizing compound spray, adds a zinc coating that creates a durable finish for any paint that will go over it. Spray primers can also be used to repair small, damaged areas of a chain link fence that are hard to reach. Whatever you do, don’t put your paint on before using a primer. But, on the other hand, before you run to start painting your chain link fence, you’ll need to take some preventative steps.

Remove Any Shrubs Or Plants Near Fence

If you have overgrown flowers, weeds, or anything else near your fence, remove or trim them before applying paint. If you choose to paint over these, your results will look sloppy and uneven. Take some time to make sure the area is free of obstructions before painting.

Cover Any Prized Flowers Or Landscaping

If you’ve created a rose garden near your fence or any other landscaping you want to keep near the wall but are not keen to paint over, cover these features or tie them away from the fence. This ensures your paint does not spill into any landscaping features you want to keep.

Clean Your Fence

Finally, the most essential step in any paint preparation is cleaning the pre-painted area. All kinds of outside debris cling to chain link fences and can cause an uneven surface when painting. You’ll need to power wash the fence by either buying or renting a machine. If you have severe corrosion on your chain link fence, use spray paint with zinc coating to correct these spots before painting over them. Many options offer various colors, from black to galvanized gray.

Painting Your Chain Link Fence:

First, Use An Oil-Based Roll Or Spray On Primer

Usually, you can place the primer on your fence with a roller. First, take your roller to the top of the fence and paint it down. Continue using this tactic with the rest of the fence to ensure a smooth finish. You can paint both sides of the fence on the same day, so you don’t need to expand your project to multiple days.

Then, Use Your Rust Preventive Paint

To stop drips, use a piece of cardboard under the area of the fence you will start painting. Only paint a small amount of the fence and use the same top-to-bottom motion used with the primer. Keep the strokes the same so it looks even. Then, when you are finished with one side, move on to the other side.

Touch Up Missing Areas

If you have a galvanized painting spray, this is the time to use this paint to ensure you didn’t miss any parts of the fence or if some areas need additional touch-ups. The galvanized spray is also handy if you notice a part of your paint job doesn’t look even or could use more paint.

Additional Tips For Painting A Chain Link Fence

Some other tips for painting a chain link fence:

  • Make sure you pick the right colors for your fence
  • Select high-quality paint that will last
  • Use the best brushes and rollers
  • Paint one side at a time and have patience

Galv-Pro Aerosol Paints For Touch-Ups

Contact a helpful sales representative if you have more questions about chain link fence touch-up paints.

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