Chain Link 4" Black Beveled Tension Band [12 Gauge] (Galvanized Steel)

The 4" Black Beveled Tension Band is an essential piece for building chainlink fences. It is used to attach chain link fabric to end posts securely. The tension band wraps around a pipe using a nut and carriage bolt. It features a heavy-duty galvanized steel composition, a black rust-resistant powder-coated finish, and a sloped, beveled edge.
Part Number: TB4B-BEV

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Chain Link 4" Black Beveled Tension Band [12 Gauge] (Galvanized Steel)

Tension bands are used to attach chain link fence fabric to line posts and terminal posts and are also commonly used to attach chain link fabric to gate frames. This 4" Black Beveled Tension Band has a powder-coated finish that means it's not only functional but adds a great look to any fence. Its steel construction gives it durability and is also resistant to weathering and wear. Most applications require one less tension band than a fence's height (in feet), meaning a 6' fence would require five tension bands.


• Easy To Install
• Adds Stability To Fence
• Provides Extra Defense Against Climbing
• Steel Composition Provides Strength, Durability
• Powder-Coated Finish Is Weather- And Wear-Resistant


• Band Height: 7/8"
• Post Size: 4"
• Black, Powder-Coated
• Galvanized Steel 12 Gauge
• Install Fence Bands Spaced 10-14" Apart
• Use One Less Tension Band Than Height Of Fence (I.E., A 6' High Fence Uses 5 Tension Bands)

* Please note that due to manufacturing differences, the product you receive may not match the photo.

Chain Link Fitting Beveled Tension Bands
Gauge 12 Gauge
Height 7/8"
Band Type Beveled
Material Type Pressed Steel
Uses Carriage Bolt Size 5/16" x 1 1/4"
Finish Powder-Coated Galvanized
Color Black
Condition New
Post Size 4" [4" OD]