How's Black Chain Link Mesh Made?

Fence Mesh Installation

Chain link mesh, sometimes called fabric, is the diamond-patterned steel or aluminum section that fills up the central part of a chain link fence. That mesh is made by weaving steel or aluminum coils together in a line to create that diamond pattern. More and more frequently, residential and commercial chain link projects use black chain link. This is most likely due to the coating helping fight against corrosion and making the fence have a more minimal look. However, when searching for a black chain link, you will notice that there are two types: vinyl coated and bonded. What is the difference between vinyl-coated and bonded black chain link fencing mesh?

Vinyl Coated

Vinyl-coated color fence fabric, or mesh, can be coated and offered in many different colors. The process of vinyl coating to achieve this coloring is relatively simple. First, the steel chain link mesh is put through a coating process, where the steel is cleaned and then coated with zinc through a galvanization process to help prevent rust. After the zinc coating is applied, the chain link mesh is fed through a vinyl coating line. The vinyl coating act as a sort of wrap over the steel. This galvanization gives the chain link fencing a double-layered coating of protection when paired with the vinyl top coating, which protects the fence and helps keep the color and coating lasting longer in all different types of weather.

Bonded Coating

Fused and bonded colored chain link fencing mesh undergoes a slightly different process than the vinyl coating. The first difference being the raw steel chain link fence is cleaned and then put through the process where it is galvanized. After galvanization, the fencing is electrified to a certain level where the powdered coating is attracted to the steel. Once the powder coating is attached, the steel is heated, and the layer becomes boned to the fencing. This process allows the coating to fill in all the tiny surface blemishes in the steel, leaving a smooth and very durable surface. Once bonded, this coating will not be affected by heat and will hold up under inclement weather and in instances of flex and high use.

What is the Difference Between Vinyl Coating and Fused and Bonded Chain Link Fencing?

While the processes mentioned above may produce chain link fencing mesh that looks similar and has similar benefits, three main differences between the two may affect your buying decision.

  1. The fused and bonded powder coating will be more durable. The vinyl coating can eventually split and peel off the chain link mesh surface. The powder coating can bend without any issues occurring to that coating.
  2. Fused and bonded powder coating will hold up better over time, especially in inclement weather.
  3. Vinyl-coated chain link fencing is a less expensive option than fused and bonded. Because the process is more straightforward and quicker, it helps keep its costs down.

Besides those three significant differences, both types of colored chain link fence will give a more subdued and cleaner appearance, have a smoother texture, and hold up against corrosion better than non-coated steel chain link mesh.

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