What Is A Cox Hinge?

Industrial Gate Cox Hinge

If you are looking for a cox hinge, this hinge, otherwise sometimes known as a box or butt hinge, is a hinge type that is created to attach a gate frame to a post. These hinges are usually made from malleable or pressed steel and come in many sizes to help fit onto your gate. It is usually used for commercial or industrial chain link gates.

What Are The Advantages Of A Cox Hinge?

A cox hinge allows your gate to swivel 90 degrees in either direction. Using a 180-degree offset adapter, you can reach a fuller gate movement of 180 degrees. This is why they are so popular in manufacturing and other facilities. A cox or butt hinge will offer a more extensive range of movement. Usually, when installing these hinges, you will need two for a single gate and four for a double gate.

How Does A Box Hinge Fit On A Gate?

The cox hinge can be installed by placing the smaller part around the gate while the larger circular part of the hinge goes around the post. The collar, or smaller part, is not supposed to be tight around your gate. The collar should be placed on top of one of the horizontal rails. If you plan on installing a hinge for industrial use, it should have spacing around 1”. The bottom hinge of your gate should be slightly above the ground, and the gate will move along the circular part of the collar. The cox hinge is ideal for installing on panic barrier gates, larger swing gates, or if you choose to use double drive gates.

How Do I Make My Cox Hinge Swing A Full 180 Degrees?

If you need your Cox hinge to swing a full 180 degrees, you will need a 180-degree offset adapter. This adapter for industrial chain link hinges expands the swiveling range of your gate hinge. Your gate will have more functionality; best of all, it is easy to install onto your hinges.

Cox Hinges For Chain Link Fence Gates

Cox hinges, or box hinges, help create a long-lasting swiveling gate. These hinges are made from durable steel materials and are created for industrial or commercial gates. If you would like to learn more about these hinges, view our vast selection below:

Cox Hinge Chain Link Fence