Chain Link Top Rail Connectors

You’ll need a sleeve for your chain link fence to connect chain link top rails. Sleeves are durable and essential parts for a chain link fence that ensure the longevity of the top rail. However, it’s hard to know the correct sleeve with so many sizes and materials. Here are some specifications for all materials.

Black Power-Coated Top Rail Connectors

If your chain link fence is made from powder-coated pressed steel, you’ll want to purchase a top rail connector that matches the rest of your fencing setup. A sleeve made from powder-coated pressed steel is tougher than galvanized pressed steel thanks to the added coating, which prevents rust and corrosion.

However, some homeowners enjoy mixing power-coated and galvanized pressed steel finishes, so just because your fence is all one color does not mean you can’t use a power-coated top rail sleeve in black if you enjoy the look.

Galvanized Pressed Steel Top Rail Connectors

Galvanized pressed steel top rail connector sleeves are silver in color and complement galvanized steel fence parts. This material is protected with a zinc-iron coating. While power-coated pressed steel is more durable than galvanized steel, both materials are made to endure any weather conditions the fence may be built in.

Powder-Coated Pressed Steel Sleeve

Top Rail Fence Sleeve Black Powder-Coated Pressed Steel

Galvanized Steel Sleeve

Top Rail Fence Sleeve Galvanized Steel

Chain Link Top Rail Sleeves for Repairs

If you already have a chain link fence in your yard and need to repair a damaged rail, a top rail sleeve can help you ensure your fence is back in working order by connecting the horizontal pipe running at the top. The best part about sleeves is that they do not need extra bolts or screws to secure a top rail to the two connecting pieces.

Other Important Parts For Your Top Rail

Another additional item you may need to secure a top rail is a loop cap. The loop cap fits atop line posts in a chain link fence, allowing the top rail to slide securely through. You can purchase these in powder-coated pressed steel or galvanized steel.

Shop Loop Caps

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