Cutting the Cost of Fence Installation in Texas

Chain Link Fitting Installation

Installing any type of fence in any state is a completely doable home project. While most sources will conclude that fence installation is better left to the professionals, you can save money with little sacrifice of time and energy. Chain Link Fittings provides the materials, tools, and information needed to install a chain link fence and save money.

Chain Link Fence Installation Cost Breakdown

The primary factors that determine how much installation costs include the fence material and linear feet, though generally, regardless of the fence's material and size, the installation cost will equal at least the cost of materials. For example, for homeowners with an average sized yard of 150 square feet, the cost of chain link fencing materials averages $2,000, and the cost of professional installation is roughly the same, bringing the total up to at least $4,000.

Chain link fencing is one of, if not the least, expensive fencing materials in terms of initial cost and long-term maintenance. The cost of chain link fencing has nothing to do with its strength but rather the amount of galvanized steel material that makes up the fence. While chain link fencing has its advantages, including cost, minimal maintenance, visibility, and ease of installation, you may still be wondering if you can do it yourself. Well, fortunately, Chain Link Fittings offers more than just fence fittings. Check out our Resources Hub for informational and instructional content. Learn how to install, maintain, and enhance the functionality of your chain link fence.

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Fence Laws in Texas

In Texas, fencing is subject to specific laws and regulations regarding construction, maintenance, and liability, including height, material, and location. Generally, fencing material is not limited, except by HOAs; the height limit is set at 8 feet, and specific laws are related to the Agriculture Code and border fences. Permits are not required for construction. However, you will need to consider location, including property lines, "good neighbor" agreements, and setback regulations. There are additional expectations or responsibilities of a fence owner in Texas regarding maintenance.

Other Ways to Cut Fence Installation Costs

Maybe DIY chain link fence installation isn't for you. Well, there are other ways to save on the cost of installation. Site preparation will eat up installation time and cost you money on labor. Prepare the installation site by removing old fencing, acquiring the necessary permits, outlining utility lines and property lines, and measuring and marking for fence posts on your own. You can also purchase materials in bulk at the lowest prices from Chain Link Fittings.

Fence installation may also be tax deductible, or at the very least increase the "tax basis" of your property. Note that DIY may lower the potential deduction, as you cannot deduct the cost of your labor. You can find more information about potential tax deductions for your home projects on the IRS website.

When looking for ways to cut costs on fence installation in any state you will be guided towards DIY installation. At Chain Link Fittings, we agree. DIY fencing installation will save you money, but we also support your choice to hire professionals. Another way to save money is on materials, which you can find here at Chain Link Fittings. Find everything you need to assemble a strong and functional chain link fence, from fittings to tools to educational information.

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