What Is a Cyclone Fence?

Cyclone Fence

Sometimes contractors use the word cyclone fence to refer to a fence made from galvanized steel or aluminum that has a mesh and attaches to posts. A more common term for cyclone fence is a chain link fence. Chain link fences are a reliable and highly affordable way to provide security and safety around your yard.

This name, cyclone fence, originates from the ability of a chain link fence to endure severe weather and hurricane-like winds. Another name for this type of fence is a diamond-mesh fence.

The History Of The Humble Cyclone Or Chain Link Fence

Do you know what country the first fence was first patented in? If you guessed England, you are correct! A manufacturing company developed the commercialized chain link fence called Barnard, Bishop and Barnard. Charles Barnard is credited with creating the signature weaving of wire that makes up the fence we know today.

From there, it is said that the American Chain Link Company, which resided in Massachusetts, was the first to popularize these fences and published an article in the 1940s declaring that this type of fence was an “indestructible guardian.”

While the exact originator of chain link fencing is not known, these fences are still the same: heavy-duty, affordable, and easy to install.

How Do I Know Exactly What Parts I Need For a Chain Link Fence?

If you’re confused about what parts to use for a chain link fence, the helpful guide below numbers every part you need and lets you know what tools are used. Installing a cyclone fence is easier than it seems. This process only takes a few days and can be done on several weekends. However, before beginning this project, contact your local government jurisdiction and utility company to ensure you are not digging holes in water, gas, or power lines.

Installing A Chain Link Fence

Also, wear safety gear when using a post-hold digger, such as glasses, to stop injuries from small pebbles in the dirt.

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